Ideas become reality

My name is Manon van Roosmalen, 24 years young. Born in Goirle, raised in Tilburg (Holland).
What started as a hobby at a young age – drawing a little, photographing and experimenting with Photoshop – eventually got a bit “out of hand”, so to speak.

I now have a Graphic Design Degree and am currently working on my Bachelor Degree in Photography. I am already working professionally in both sectors. It is my wish to bring these two worlds (design and photography) together. I believe the real power lies in combining the two.

A photographer should also be able to design a beautiful book, and a designer should also be able to take beautiful photos for a magazine.
That way the entire medium can become one beautiful harmony.

— Manon van Roosmalen

That is exactly what I can do, that is where my strength lies.

If you can imagine it, I can create it.

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